IDEAL CDC focuses on empowering and serving families in the areas of education, financial capabilty workshops & coaching, parenting training, and the mobilization of our voice for the immigrant community.

Our Areas of Focus:



Empowering Families



IDEAL Wealth Academy



IDEAL Wealth Academy is a unique financial and life skills program that is designed for parents and high school seniors. Parents will be partnered with a financial coach over a 12-month period and receive coaching on a monthly basis to help them design and achieve financial goals. Each adult will have individualized goals for increased savings, debt reduction and credit score improvement. High school seniors will attend monthly workshops and field trips to help them apply to college, develop life and job skills, and be ready to manage a basic financial budget when they leave home.

At the completion of our program, parents will demonstrate the behaviors and techniques to become financially capable. High school senior students will have submitted college applications, written their personal statement, resumes, and have a college scholarship budget in place. We will track their growth with financial software and the implementation of the curriculum taught.


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financial capability workshops



Our model is designed to provide a financial education, access to financial institutions, and a culturally sensitive curriculum. Win With Money workshops by K.I.S (Keep it Simple). are delivered in intensive, one-hour workshops for up to 200 attendees. The series of five workshops are presented in consecutive weeks and follow a precise curriculum designed for a bilingual audience. The workshops focus on financial psychology, budgeting, increasing income, saving/ debt reduction, protection, and investing. Tailored financial workshops for teens (aged 13-18) runs concurrently with the workshops for adults. Each workshop is 60-90 minutes. Participants will have 5 to 7.5 hours of programming per workshop. One workshop at each location is delivered per month at same location.


Empowering Families Workshops



How do people learn to be strong, independent, contributing citizens? The process begins early in life. It begins at childhood. It continues through the teen years and is a continuing process. This happens with help from those who are around us, in our schools, churches, and our community environment.

Empowered individuals and families come from wise decision making. We need to help our youth and families along in the decision making process. Basically, there are four steps. They are: state the problem or situation, clarify what has caused the situation, review the alternatives, and make choices.

Parents On A Mission

Mission Statement: To turn the hearts of parents to their children, and the hearts of children to their parents, as the best practice for preventing children from joining gangs and other negative lifestyles.

POM is a 6 session workshop that is by a group of leaders trained by the Founder/CEO of Parents on a mission Richard Ramos. Parents learn the proper tools needed to communicate much more effectively with their children, how to build & earn trust,  and loyalty. We just completed our first round and the stories that have come out are powerful and touching. We will soon be posting a video that will give you a taste of what POM is and what it can do for your constituents and ultimately your community. 

If you would like more information on how to bring POM to your organization please click on the Bold letters below with Richard's name and it will direct you to his website where you will be able to obtain more information. 

Parents on a Mission - Richard Ramos


immigration advocacy



IDEAL believes that every human just as our Constitution states "that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness", but often times we (society) at times fail to reflect this truth. It is for this reason we decided to educate, engage, empower, advocate and speak on behalf of the Latino community.

We have created programs and partnered with other organizations to come and educate our constituents on topics such as; Know your rights, writing a will, DACA, health care access and so much more. We not only provide our constituents with the resources and knowledge to protect themselves and their family, but we advocate and speak on behalf of the Latino at public hearings, in front of corporations, financial institutions and Political representatives to affect and promote policy change. We seek to improve the quality of life of each individual in our communities.