New Businesses Launching from our Community

B’koah Bakery & Cafe. NOW OPEN

B’koah Bakery & Cafe. NOW OPEN!!! New Restaurant Business Launched!!!  This is a family going through our IDEAL Wealth Academy program with our nonprofit Instituto de Avance Latino that’s launching a small business and is also a first generation Latino Family from Guatemala!!The food is amazing. Stop by and check them out! They are located: 6009 w 3rd Street 90036. 





Since the Kickoff of this "Healthcare Enrollment", Avance Latino has been able to help enroll up to 150 people to Receive Free Health Insurance, many never had health insurance before in their lives. We partner with My Health LA, LA Voice and Asian Pacific Health Care Venture INC, to help provide undocumented people the opportunity to enroll for healthcare access. We generally provided this service every year, please feel free to ask us about more info, we can direct you to the right person.



AB60 Forum and Training, hosted by Avance Latino. More than 100 people benefited from this event. This Forum helped out hard working Immigrant adults, by giving them knowledge on AB60. We also held practice permit test, so people would feel more comfortable taking the test. People who attended learned the basics on passing your driver/s test and getting your driver's license. Out of the People who attended, 60% people received their license after attending this event. 


IDEAL has been fortunate to help and serve one of our community pastors Noe Carias and his family in a time of fear, need and uncertainty. Our CEO Rev. Carlos Rincon worked effortlessly and long hours along with his friends, colleagues and other community leaders to help this pastor. They showed up at every hearing, wrote letters of recommendation, help pay for legal fees, and give a voice to him and his family as Pastor Noe Carias was imprisoned. It is because of his hard work along with our partners from COPALA, LA Voice, CHIRLA, community members, LA Red, Rev. Melvin & Ada Valiente, and other local Pastors, Pastor Noe Carias has been released after having spent 59 days in prison and is now with his Family celebrating the missed birthdays, anniversaries and Sunday services with his congregation. Thank you everyone for all your support and efforts in this movement. 

Below are some videos (spanish only unfortunately) where his journey in these last few months was documented.


Noah Carias arrived without documents to the United States when he was a teenager. He was deported and returned to the country, again without documents, so that he was on a deportation order for 25 years

Noé Carías llegó sin documentos a Estados Unidos cuando era un adolescente. Fue deportado y volvió a ingresar en el país, otra vez sin documentos, por lo que sobre él pendía una orden de deportación desde hace 25 años.

He is now free!