Financial Capabilty Workshop  Components 

Our model is designed to provide a financial education, access to financial institutions, and a culturally sensitive curriculum. Win With Money workshops by K.I.S (Keep it Simple). are delivered in intensive, one-hour workshops for up to 200 attendees. The series of five workshops are presented in consecutive weeks and follow a precise curriculum designed for a bilingual audience. The workshops focus on financial psychology, budgeting, increasing income, saving/ debt reduction, protection, and investing. Tailored financial workshops for teens (aged 13-18) runs concurrently with the workshops for adults. Each workshop is 60-90 minutes. Participants will have 5 to 7.5 hours of programming per workshop. One workshop at each location is delivered per month at same location.

K.I.S. workshops work with low income (average annual income of $18,000 to $35,000) Americans and immigrants. K.I.S. workshops allows participants access to financial information. 

Workshops are hosted at local churches. Each church hosts attendees and provide the space for workshops, coaching, and more tailored programming to take place. Within each workshop, many individuals are present to ensure the program is delivered. An instructor teaches the class to the participants in attendance, and a translator is concurrently translating the information. Volunteers are relied upon for many roles during the process, including child care, check in, data gathering, digital media, and audio technicians. Banking institutions collaborate with workshop presenters to share banking best practices. Live transmission of the educational component takes place rendering participants ability to review electronically for increased understanding.

Our Goals for Outcomes:

  • 90% of the high school students who complete all assignments and attend all workshops will create a resume

  • 90% of the high school students who complete assignments and attend all workshops will create a personal statement

  • 75% of the high school students who complete assignments and attend all workshops will apply to at least one college by end of November 2017.

  • Graduates will have resources and tools for increasing financial knowledge.

  • Within 30 days of program graduation 50% of unbanked attendees will have opened a checking and savings account.

  • Within 90 days of program graduation, 30% of graduates will save a $500 emergency fund in their savings account.

Our Partners

We have existing partnerships with Faith-based channels throughout Southern California. This channel represents in excess of 200 churches. Now we ask our partners to join this faith-based movement.

IDEAL is a rapidly growing organization. We serve over 900 people yearly. Our focus remains on improving programs and services to reach more Latino individuals throughout Los Angeles and surrounding counties. That’s why we rely on partnerships with local financial institutions and companies you to help us meet our goals and your goals as a company.


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