IDEAL Wealth Academy Launch


On October 21, 2017, Avance Latino Launched it's IDEAL Wealth Academy with 10 families. These 10 families have committed to a 1-year long journey to transform their lives. IDEAL Wealth Academy is a unique financial and life skills program that is designed for parents and high school seniors. Parents will be partnered with a financial coach over a 12-month period and receive coaching on a monthly basis to help them design and achieve financial goals. Each adult will have individualized goals for increased savings, debt reduction, and credit score improvement. High school seniors will attend monthly workshops and field trips to help them apply to college, develop life and job skills, and be ready to manage a basic financial budget when they leave home.


Prayer Vigil for Pastor Noe Carias

Prayer Vigil Held for Pastor Carias in front of ICE Headquarters in Downtown Los Angeles. Organizations, Public Leaders, Pastors and many more joined together to pray for Pator Caria's Release from Adelanto Detention Center. 

Carias, 42, is being held at the Adelanto Detention Facility, in California's high desert, for crossing the border illegally in the 1990s. The Guatemalan native had been trying to correct his immigration status since 2014, and ICE had granted him yearly stays. That ended this year at his most recent ICE check-in, when Carias was informed he would be arrested and deported. Carias is one of the undocumented immigrants the administration of former President Barack Obama considered less of a priority, as ICE officers focused on deporting felons. Under President Donald Trump, the policy has shifted. (CNN) 


Evangelical pastor went to his appointment with ICE and was arrested because he had a deportation order 25 years ago

On Monday July 24, Noe Carias went to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Building in Downtown Los Angeles for his yearly meeting, which he has been doing for years. Unfortunately he was denied stay and was detained by I.C.E. Avance Latino, along with many other organizations were outside the offices in support of Noe Carias. Since 7:30 in the morning the several organizations held a prayer vigil, chants in support of Pastor Noe and a Press Conference. Noe Carias is not a criminal, his only crime was jumping the border illegally around 22 years ago. Noe Carias has been married for 14 years now and has two kids, ages 5 and 6. He is the only one in his family whom is undocumented. We are all devastated from this sad news. Noe Carias is one among thousands who share the same situation.    

Google For Non Profits

On Monday June 19, 2017
Josue Rincón, Marketing Director, took two interns, Isaac Pleitez and Aaron Aparicio to the Google for Non Profit Training. Through the National Diversity Coalition (NDC) Avance Latino was able to attend this marvelous training. The training help introduce various tools that Google offers to nonprofits. We will be implementing everything learned! Thank you NDC and Google

Royal Business Bank | $5,000 Grant

Royal Business Bank , a Chinese-American business-oriented bank who serves a unique market that is engaged in the highest degree of trade with Pacific Rim countries. Their size and infrastructure allows them to serve customers that require higher lending limits than normally associated with other smaller, local banking organizations. Royal Business Bank awarded Avance Latino a grant of $5,000 for capacity building, in order to get closer to reaching our Goal, which is to Inspire and empower Hispanic Families in raising the next generation of Leaders. Thank You Yves Mombeleur from Royal Business Bank for the support and relationship. 

Avance Latino Team with Yves Mombeleur from Royal Business Bank 

Avance Latino Team with Yves Mombeleur from Royal Business Bank