east l.a.

715 Brady Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90022



Instituto de Avance Latino (IDEAL) serves a community mostly made up of First Generation Latino Families. We exist to advocate and create programs that empower Latino families to become self-sufficient and thriving members of our society. We do this by providing families and individuals training, assistance and services in the areas such as, affordable housing, financial capability, economic development, immigration, family counseling and youth development.


Vision Statement

Low-Moderate Income Latino Families in Los Angeles will be financially literate, thriving and raising the next generation of leaders.



A few months after having bought their church, Pastors Carlos and Amparo Rincon decided to go door to door and ask the community what their needs are. They noticed that there was a lot of poverty in the community . They decided to research and find ways to help the community and transform East Los Angeles. That is when they signed up for the Faith Leaders Institute at the Cecil Murray center at USC. After a year of training and coaching they decided to launch IDEAL CDC (2015). Three years later and now we host small business workshops, one-on-one financial coaching, financial capability coaching, leadership development, and speak on behalf o the immigrant families we serve.


Mission Statement

We exist to advocate for & create programs that empower Low to Moderate Income Latino families to become self sufficient & thriving members of our East LA community through education & building financial capability.