Background on Founder

Pastor Carlos Rincon has been the senior pastor for 29 years at Centro de Vida Victoriosa Church. He graduated (Summa Cum Laude) from Vanguard University with BA in Management and Leadership. Carlos has planted churches in Mexico and the USA. He is also part of the clergy council for LA Voice in Los Angeles. Finally, Pastor Rincon is also the founder of COPALA which works with community leaders, faith leaders, financial institutions, local Politicians, and other corporations on behalf of the Latino Community. 

Who are We?

Vision Statement

 Low-Moderate Income Latino Families in Los Angeles will be financially literate, thriving and raising the next generation of leaders.

Mission Statement

  We exist to advocate for & create programs that empower Low to Moderate Income Latino families to become self sufficient & thriving members of our East LA community through education & building financial capability.